A new generation of packaging for a new generation of brides.

In the feedback that we have gathered the last couple of months one particular subject came forward the most, this subject was “sustainability”.
A new generation of brides demands a new generation of packaging and products, and because of that Poirier will gradually switch to sustainable, CO2 neutral packaging materials, which are produced in the Netherlands.

From now on you can add to a more sustainable environment one bride at a time.

Gradually all trusted, high-quality bridal accessories of Poirier will be packaged in trendy, minimalistic boxes which are made out of PaperWise®, a type of carton and paper that is made out of residual materials. After the use of this specific packaging material it can be recycled up to seven times, it can be burned to generate energy, and it can even be naturally turned into compost.

Visually attractive and biodegradable, the ideal combination!

Do you have any questions about our new packaging, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail on

In the future Poirier will gradually apply the meaning of “sustainability” to its bridal accessories. How we are going to do this, you can read in our upcoming newsletters…

-To be continued-